Brexit, UK REACH and Your Business

Need Support for UK Chemical Compliance Post Brexit?

Brexit poses a significant challenge for chemical companies. If you are based the United Kingdom (UK), export products to the UK or use Great Britain as a hub for the European market, you are now subject to complex regulatory changes and new compliance requirements.

Call on our team of Brexit experts for support including Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and label authoring, regulatory consulting and UK REACH Downstream User Import Notifications (DUIN).

Our solutions can help:

  • Create Downstream User Import Notifications (DUIN) due by 27 October 2021
  • Ensure compliance with UK REACH, GB CLP Substance Notification, GB Prior Informed Consent (PIC) Notification and Reporting, EU Poison Centre Notification and more
  • Analyze and manage Brexit’s impact on your chemical compliance obligations to ensure access to the UK market

For 30+ years the world’s leading chemical manufacturers have trusted 3E to provide the intelligent compliance solutions they need to ensure product safety and sustainability.


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