On Demand Webinar:
Regulation of Food in the Russian Federation

Food is one of the most heavily regulated areas in any jurisdiction, and Russia is no exception. The Russian food regulatory framework, which has grown closer to European Union standards, is still unique with respect to its approach and content. Further, food regulation in Russia is complete with the recently enforced Eurasian Economic Union food technical regulations. 

Do you know where to look for legal requirements or for legal updates when you place food products on the Russian market? How does Russia regulate GMOs and food labeling? Is your product in compliance with flavoring regulation? These are some of the topics that was discussed during our one-hour-long presentation.

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn about food requirements and related topics in the Russia Federation.

Our on-demand webinar covered:

  • Legal sources of food regulation in Russia
  • Different food type compliance challenges, including flavors and additives
  • Food export/import restrictions 
  • GMO regulation 
  • Labeling of food 

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